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    Yantai Langchao Machinery Co.,Ltd.is located in a seaside city--Yantai.Our products have been awarded ISO9001:2000 International Quality Control System Authentication earlier than

    others in the same trade. We have technicians who come from schools and corporations such as Zhongnan University,Qinghua University,Shenyang Gold College,Anshan Steel College, Wuhan Steel Group and so on. We also have various middle-sized or large-sized manufacturing equipments, have the ability to research, develop and manufacture on our own. We are capable of providing comprehensive service including ore dressing experimental research, engineering design, machinery designing and manufacturing, equipment installation and debug , staff training . We are the main manufacturing base of energy-saving ball mill and new style floatation set in our state....                                               More>>>
    Add: Muping Wuning Industrial Park Yantai City, Shandong Province, China
    Tel: 0535-2649998
    Fax: 0535-2649980
    24-hour service Tel:+86-13793586323
    Post code:264006
    Jaw crusher
    Linear vibrating scree
    Ball mill-Cylindrical
    Ball mill-Cylindrical
    Spiral classifier
    LCF (LangChao Fu) air-
    XCF+KYF III floatation
    Agitation tank
    6-S shaking table
    Thickener with periphe
    Disk vacuum filter
    Fixed belt conveyer of
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    The MQJ series rol.. [2008/10/22]
    ISO9001:2000 Inter.. [2008/10/22]
    Our production hav.. [2008/10/22]
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    Equipments exporte.. [2008/10/22]
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    50 sets of KYF-8 a.. [2008/10/22]
    2736 grid roller b.. [2008/10/22]
    Daye Nonferrous Metal Co.
    Shandong Gold Group
    Wugang Daye Iron Ore
    Tonglvshan Copper and Iron Ore
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